Couples Counseling

Couples CounselingAre you struggling in your relationship? Do you feel like there is more negative communication than positive? Are there financial concerns? Perhaps there has been infidelity and you are wondering if your relationship can survive? When trust has been shaken or there is built up resentment, couples often find it is very difficult to connect with one another.

Couples Counseling – Improving your relationship

Couples CounselingAs a marriage therapist for many years, I can tell you that all couples have issues. Being open for healthy change is the first step to improving your relationship. It is important to look at how your relationship has functioned through time, including ways that each of you may have contributed to both the positive and negative aspects. Goals for couples counseling may include learning to resolve conflict and arguing in healthier ways, affirming ways to talk with each other, working through unresolved issues and learning to be more empathetic with your partner.