Women’s Issues Counseling

women-pageAre you going through a challenging pregnancy or have experienced a difficult childbirth? Do you have depression and/or anxiety since the birth of your child? Are you experiencing isolation?

Women’s Issues – ways I can help

Pregnancy/Childbirth/Postpartum Depression
Motherhood can be a confusing, challenging time. Hormones are consistently shifting which can impact mood, emotional stability and a sense of well-being. Issues that can arise at any of these times can cause significant stress as well as affect our relationships. Many women can feel alone, even if they have supports around them. I work with new (and existing) mothers to help them feel a sense of control through relaxation and stress management skills. My practice also includes working with moms who struggle with PPD (post-partum depression and anxiety), both in individual therapy as well as co-facilitating a support group.

Other areas of my practice includes issues around fertility treatment options, such as IVF and surrogacy.

Any of these hormonal shifts can contribute to stress and our ability to function well at work and in relationships. They can also lead to feelings of inadequacy, depression or anxiety. Through mindfulness-based therapy and stress management techniques, you can find relief the severity of their symptoms.

Women often have many roles, some of which fall under caretaking. Whether a stay-at-home mom or a working mom (or a combo of both), there are often stressors that may cause feelings of guilt, resentment, inadequacies and being overwhelmed. Parenting concerns can include being a single parent, having a blended family, going through a separation or divorce or struggling with parenting techniques such as discipline.