Depression Treatment

depression-quoteAre you experiencing feelings of emptiness, sadness, guilt, worthlessness or helplessness? Do you find that your thoughts are often pessimistic and leave you feeling hopeless? Have you lost interest in things you usually enjoy doing? Has your appetite or sleep patterns changed (too much, too little)? Perhaps you are having thoughts about whether life is worth living?

depressedsmDepression is a common, though serious, illness. It can be mildly disturbing or deeply impacting your life. The more you understand it, the more likely you will be open for depression treatment. “Knowledge is power” (Sir Francis Bacon).

I have been involved in depression treatment for over 25 years. A very effective method is using CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), where negative or distorted thoughts are challenged and replaced. As a trained family therapist, I also believe it is important to acknowledge where you came from which includes your family of origin. This can be helpful in understanding relationship patterns, core beliefs that you learned growing up, as well as making a genetic connection if other family members had or have depression.

With your consent, I’ll work in tandem with another provider you are in treatment with, such as a psychiatrist or other health practitioner. This is so you may receive the most consistent care, which allows for the best results.