Trauma & Brainspotting

truamaHave you experienced a trauma and are now struggling with upsetting emotions? Do you feel a sense of numbness, disconnection or intense anxiety? Are you reliving negative memories in your mind or have a sense of danger or distrust?

trauma2Emotional and psychological trauma is the result of an extremely stressful event that shakes your sense of security and stability, making you feel helpless in what is perceived to be a dangerous world. PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is a mental health disorder that can occur once a significant trauma has been experienced. The trauma may have happened one time or many times, and usually involves the element of happening unexpectedly where the person felt unprepared. Some examples of a trauma may be a natural disaster, car accident, being the victim of a crime, surgery, a sudden death of someone you know, battling a life-threatening illness or even a humiliating or intensely disappointing experience. Other traumas may include physical, sexual or extreme emotional abuse from childhood or another time in your life.

In my practice, I often incorporate CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) and Brainspotting as effective treatment modalities for trauma. We will discuss in length what these options mean and the possible positive end results, as well as having you do independent reading to further become familiar with the process.