Family Therapy – Broomfield, Colorado

Family TherapyAre you having concerns about your family? Does it feel like things are out of control? Have you experienced a particular loss or change that your family members are reacting to?

Family Therapy – Families are ever-changing

Family TherapyWhen life presents with increased stress, families can become disconnected. Some of the issues I work with families on include separation, divorce or blended family adjustments. Other issues can be substance abuse, behavioral and/or academic concerns in adolescents, mental health concerns, grief/loss or chronic illness.

Having been trained in family therapy, my goal is to help identify the dysfunctional patterns, such as poor communication or inability to resolve conflict, that are creating anger, tension and misunderstandings. There is then a focus on creating change through identifying the family strengths. Limit setting, healthy boundaries and empathy also play a role in moving forward in a positive way.